Biography of Andres Barrado

Andres Barrado is PhD in Industrial Engineering from Carlos III University of Madrid since 2000. Since 1994 he has worked at Electronic Technology Department in the Carlos III University of Madrid. Since 2012 he is Full Professor. In addition, he is Head of the Power Electronic Systems Group (GSEP-UC3M) and SENIOR member of the IEEE.


He has more than 20 years of experience working in Power Electronics. His major research interest in this field is related to the conversion and power conditioning (power supplies for X ray, multi-outputs applications, fast dynamic response, wide input voltages and batteries chargers), and modeling and control of Electrical Power Distribution Systems and subsystems for transportation (Electric vehicle and Fuel Cell vehicle, aircraft and trains). Within these fields he has developed an applied research and he has published around 268 papers, most of them in IEEE Conferences and Transactions.


Andres Barrado has participated in 21 projects with competitive public funding and 71 contracts with companies, national and international, mainly related to the sector of transport, energy and telecommunication, highlighting among them: AIRBUS, EADS, SENER, METROMADRID, SEPSA, POWERSIM (USA), ENDESA, UNION FENOSA, BESEL, ONCE, DEFENSE MINISTRY, AMPER, BTESA, etc. He is also co-author of 11 patents and he has been a promoter of a spin-off.

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