SaberRD & SaberES Designer have just been released

SABER software is a proven platform for modeling and simulating physical systems, enabling full-system virtual prototyping for applications in analog/power electronics, electric power generation/conversion/distribution and mechatronics.


New features:


•   New Mosfet and IGBT tools: New Graphical User Interface, Improved MOSFET model  (Thermal impedance included, Avalanche breakdown added….), Support of a broad range of technologies, Full support of Robust Design methodology through statistical variability.


•   New battery tool: Now numerical optimization is supported for fitting to typical datasheet curves. The underlying all-purpose battery model is designed to handle many chemistries, ranging from Nickel-Zinc to the many Lithium ion types. Inclusion of static thermal impedances, dynamic kinetics effects, aging, and statistical variability are available. Moreover, the user can generate different battery topologies from the tool, ranging from a single basic cell to a complete distributed battery pack.


•   Periodic small-signal AC analysis: Calculate the transfer functions and Bode plots of non-linear periodic circuits. Phase and amplitude are extracted using a Fourier analysis of the time-domain results with a high accuracy.


•    Multi Parameter Vary: Allows multiple parameters to be varied in each loop but also allows a different set of parameters to be varied in each loop. 


•   Distributed Computing: Improved license usage for Multi-Core and Grid/Cloud computing. For N parallel runs the master license and N-1 runtime licenses are required.




•   Improved performance, memory usage and stability: User can chooses between automatic and manual updates of Site libraries. 


•    Saber functional safety:

ISO-26262  ISO26262 Certification: Saber has been certified ISO 26262 an international standard for functional safety of electrical and electronic systems in production automobiles.


New use cases: Functional Safety and Reliability (combine Saber’s Fault Analysis with Stress-Reporting) but also Functional Safety and Safety Configuration (Combine Saber’s Fault Analysis with Monte Carlo analysis). 


•   Third-party tools updates: Saber support for AVL’s Model Connect platform: this open tool allows to integrate different simulation tools used in development process from different software vendors.  


•   Product quality: Enhanced operating system: support of Windows 10. 

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