Free basic training JMAG

Date: 19th of October, 2016

Location: Hochschule Heilbronn, Campus Künzelsau, Germany

Duration: One day (9:00 to 17:00)

Language: English


Give new JMAG users and/or people who wish to discover JMAG a general overview of JMAG Designer. Exploration of all basic functions from geometry creation to analysis results.



The training will be a mix of presentations and exercises:

  • Introduction:
    How to create a project
    JMAG Features
    JMAG Interface
    How to use JMAG files
  • Creation of the shape:
    JMAG functions to create the shape
    Use of an external CAD software
  • Material and conditions:
    Description of JMAG conditions
    Material properties and JMAG database
    JMAG circuit
  • Meshing:
    How to choose what is the best suited for you
    Manual mesh
    Automatic mesh
    Adaptive mesh
  • Post processing:
    How to analyse efficiently your results
    Vector plots
    Selection graphs
    Animation creation
  • Scripting with JMAG Designer:
    Script languages
  • Sample of applications examples:
    Edit a JMAG Express Template
    Basic Geometry: Magnet
    2D IPM Motor: Double Layered Magnet
    Parametric Analysis
    Analysis Templates


Licensing & Computers:

No computer will be provided so each participant has to bring a personal computer.
JMAG shall be installed before joining the training and can be download from the following link:

  • For the student of Heilbronn University having access to the University network:
    University license will be accessible.
    ID/PWD to access to the download page can be provide if needed by Oliver Vogel (


  • For others participants, please fill the License Request Sheet and send it back at the following address before the 11st October,
    ID/PWS to download JMAG will be provided with the JMAG license



Hochschule Heilbronn: Campus Künzelsau – Reinhold-Würth-Hochschule
Daimlerstraße 35, 74653 Künzelsau

The training will be in the campus Künzelsau – Laboratory Room C008



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