General code coupling interface

A standard tool for co-simulation

The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has been developed at SCAI in order to provide an application independent interface for the coupling of different simulation codes. MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has been accepted as a ‘de-facto’ neutral standard for simulation code coupling.

MpCCI links simulation programs, thereby solving multidisciplinary problems. This software supports the leading industrial simulation tools.

A code adapter open to your needs

The MpCCI solution answers the demand for standardized interfaces for co-simulation.

End-users want to be open in the choice of their codes, so the MpCCI CouplingEnvironment supports most of the leading CFD, CSM and various other codes:

Abaqus, Ansys, Flowmaster, Fluent, Flux3D, ICEPAK, FINE/Hexa, FINE/Open, FINE/Turbo, JMAG, MATLAB, MD.Nastran, MSC.Adams, MSC.Marc, OpenFOAM, RadTherm,SIMPACK, STAR-CD, STAR-CCM+.

With the help of MpCCI, companies have been able to solve difficult problems using linked simulations.


Online Demos:
How to use MpCCI, MpCCI CouplingEnvironment Examples:
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MpCCI is developed by SCAI.

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